Christopher Crowhurst – Technology Executive with proven track record of driving top and bottom line growth. A change agent, specializing in solving business challenges with innovative sustainable solutions. Verifiable history of designing, developing and managing highly scaling enterprise applications and virtualized infrastructure, while building and developing high performance technology teams. Rich experience of transforming business models, applications and infrastructure to the Cloud.

Exceptional leadership experience including executive relationship and vendor management; employee coaching, mentoring and development; complemented by deep technical knowledge and experience. Excellent presentation skills and a scientific product research and development background.

Christopher is an exceptionally strong technology executive coupling broad and deep technology skills with great commercial sense and deep understanding(s) of how technology can drive business performance as measured by top and bottom line results. Builds high performing teams that model his relentless focus on driving results, Organized and disciplined with a strong work ethic; has excellent communications skills including the ability to reduce and present complex topics and issues equally well to general management and technical audiences. Manages well up, down and side-side. Can multi-task par excellence and is “scary bright”.

A real “A” player with excellent skills today and no limit to his potential given further experiences and maturity.

Carl Urbania

CIO, Thomson Reuters

Christopher is an exceptional leader in technology with the ability to successfully bridge the gap between new technologies and real business needs. He’s able to create teams that deliver results to the business quickly and accurately. Those that work for Christopher respect his ability to set the direction, but then get out of the way and empower the team to deliver the result. He’s invested in each team member’s professional growth and committed to see them succeed.

Jeff Clark

Technologist, Marketing Architects